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What the Care Quality Commission say about Kingsmith Care

All the people we spoke to were satisfied with the quality of service and felt safe. All the people using the service, when asked, rated the care as 10+ out of 10.

In their 2012 and 2016 Review of Compliance, the CQC were told by people they interviewed that:

the agency was“committed”, “caring” and “different”.

All the people who use the service felt treated respectfully, that their care was highly personalised and said they were always called by their preferred names. People told us they felt supported by the care workers and praised their competence and flexibility

Referrers said they were pleased with the way the agency cared for people who use the service. One referrer said the agency:

knows what they are about – they’re like a breath of fresh air’

‘The agency took an intensive and personalised approach to training staff, with ongoing induction and training sessions spread out over several months, using a model of reflective practice to check knowledge and knowledge gaps.

What people say about our staff:

The following are all genuine quotes. If you would like to speak to one of our clients, we would be happy to put you in contact with them:

“They are marvellous. All the girls are superb”, “They are very caring” and “I would be afraid to recommend them because I wouldn’t want to part with them.”

“They show me respect. They are all very pleasant.”

“They are very responsive to our needs as a family”, “They are a very responsive and involved company” and “This is one of the best agencies I have ever worked with.”

“Any issues have been resolved very quickly. I’ve had no real problems” and “They make changes quickly. They take your views very seriously.”

‘Everything I need.’

‘Friendliness and Efficiency – caring the way it should be.’

‘Taking care and highly respectful.’

‘Day to day care is very good. Response to family emergencies is excellent.’

‘The personal touch – good lines of communication.’

‘Providing a warm and friendly environment ensuring that mother and her carers can relax and enjoy their time together.’

‘Extremely supportive during my husband’s last weeks – could not recommend more highly.’

‘The ladies who cared for my husband went far and above what was expected; They were lovely and really cared about us. ‘

‘No comment regarding improvements – they’re PERFECT!’

‘Fabulous in every way’

‘Availability, Communication, Respect, Loyalty, Caring, Support.’

‘The carer has confidence in her handling and explains what she is about to do’

‘Tailoring the care very closely to the clients needs’

‘Go the extra mile’

What do KSC do well? – ‘EVERYTHING!’

‘Kind and considerate’

‘Empathy, sincerity, dedication, flexibility’

‘Privacy and dignity respected’

‘Anticipating needs and putting in place strategies – other agencies NEVER do this’

‘I have honestly found every aspect of care given to my mother to be outstanding. I could not have been happier with them or trusted them more’