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Care Service Hammersmith & Fulham

Our care service workers can support you with daily household tasks such as cooking and cleaning or with more personal care needs, such as getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. Our care service in Hammersmith & Fulham is available for as long as you need us – either on a short or long-term basis – from a few hours a day to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When we work with you our care services will be tailored to your needs as a unique individual but they can be broadly divided into four categories:

Home Help Services

Personal Care Services

Companionship Services

Other Services

Home Help Services

We will aim to make your life easier. We will do the little jobs around the house in the way that you like them done.

care in the home services:


Preparing meals and tidying away afterwards

Providing light housekeeping

Making beds and changing bed linen

Supervising home maintenance

Assisting in looking after your pets

Collecting prescriptions

Dusting and vacuuming

Help with washing and ironing

Answering the door

Organising wardrobes and cupboards

Taking out rubbish

Checking food expiry dates

Overseeing home deliveries

Caring for your houseplants

Preparing shopping lists

Helping with general shopping

Dropping off and collecting dry cleaning

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Care Service Hammersmith Fulham

Care at home: Helping Leonard

Leonard had always enjoyed his food and been very particular about how it was prepared and served. He had tried a home care service before but had found that small – but to him significant details in how he liked his meals – were often over looked. Having taken the trouble to get to know Leonard, his care worker Angela was able to find out a small but significant detail that Leonard liked his gravy served separately, so he could add as much as he wanted.

Personal Care Agency Services

Kingsmith Care will be an extra pair of eyes and hands for you, to help you look after yourself and to keep you looking your best.

Our care agency can assist with:


have a wash or have a bath and get dressed

Shave, do your hair, apply make-up etc.

Go to the toilet


Remember your medication

Get up in the morning

Get to bed at night

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Care Agency Services: Helping Peter and his mother

Since his father died, Peter had been visiting his mother at her home in the early evening. He found that she was becoming increasingly reliant on him for an evening meal and was concerned to find that when he was not able to visit, his mother would have forgotten to eat. As time went by, Peter sometimes was alarmed to discover his mother unwashed and wearing the same clothes he had left her in the previous evening. Having contacted Kingsmith Care, we were able to recommend a visit to the GP who arranged an assessment for Peter’s mother. Peter contacted us several weeks later to let us know that his mother had been diagnosed with dementia. Together we agreed a package of care agency support to make sure his mother was assisted with her personal care, for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. We also encouraged Peter to attend the local Alzheimer’s Society support group for relatives of people with dementia.

Companionship Services

We want your relationship with our care staff to be friendly but professional. We will be reliable and trustworthy, offering help with:

Planning visits, outings and trips.

Visiting neighbours and friends.

Recording your family history

Assistance with clothes shopping and choosing clothes

Making travel arrangements

Arranging appointments


Getting the most out of your hobbies and crafts, either joining in ourselves or helping you to keep involved in activities in the community

Buying magazines, papers and books

Renting and playing films

Offer companionship and conversation

Assistance with entertaining

Accompany you to lunch or dinner

Attend plays or concerts with you

Attend club meetings and sporting events with you

Discuss current/historical events

Reminisce about the past

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Care agency Hammersmith Fulham Care in the home

Care Service: Helping Charles

Charles had been recording his family history for many years. He was aware of a lot of resources on the internet but was not very confident with new technology. Charles’ eyesight was deteriorating and although he had been looking forward to retiring, adjusting to the reality came as a bit of a shock. Charles had seldom used a computer and felt he was too old to learn. Having assessed Charles, Kingsmith Care recruited a member of staff, Josh, with very specific IT skills to work with Charles. Together they were able to progress Charles’ dream and put the work into digital form. Having got to know Charles, Josh was then able to accompany him along to a Genealogy course at a local college and also connected Charles to the local Historical Society, after which Josh was able to withdraw his support. Charles knows that the Kingsmith Care service is here for him should his circumstances change and he needs further support in the future.

Other Care in the home Services

We can also:

Provide help so carers can have some respite

Provide convalescence care

Provide a flexible night care service

Provide bespoke care worker recruitment

Help you to recruit and employ your own Personal Assistant

Counselling assessment and referral

Although based in Hammersmith and Fulham (SW6), we provide a care service within a 10 kilometre radius. That includes areas such as West Kensington, Olympia and Shepherds Bush (postcodes W6, W12 & W14)

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Care in the home Services: Helping Andrew and his Family

Andrew and his father jointly care for Andrew’s mother, Esther who has Dementia. Kingsmith Care had been providing daily personal care to Esther for several years but as time went by, the strain began to tell on Andrew’s relationship with his father. Having talked things through with our Care Manager, Andrew decided to try counselling to help him think things through. Over several months, we were able to prepare a package of intensive care, so that Andrew and his father were able to spend a weekend away, knowing that their mother was in safe hands.