Dementia Care


Helping with Dementia

Dementia is a cruel disease, which leaves an on-going trail of losses in its wake. But we believe that with skilled, thoughtful and consistent one-on-one support, there is no reason somebody living with dementia cannot maintain quality of life in their home for years to come, including till the end of their lives.

Consistent care from the right people will mean that your loved one can still have many good moments, each and every day. Here are some of the key services we offer to those living with Dementia:

• helping maintain a safe environment at home, particularly as mobility and orientation can become compromised;
• overseeing and helping with daily activities and routines; such as getting washed and dressed, taking medication on time, eating a balanced diet and keeping a good fluid intake;
• taking part in mentally stimulating activities (e.g. doing puzzles, quizzes and reminiscing about good times);
• being a companion that the person with dementia can feel familiar with and who they can trust
• being a support for other family members, keeping in touch with how your loved one is getting on;

“The ladies who cared for my husband went far and above what was expected; They were lovely and really cared about us.”

• understanding behaviour changes and thinking with the client and their family members about what is the dementia … and what else might be happening;
• supporting you and your loved one to maintain relationships, which can be difficult as dementia progresses;
• arranging and accompanying to therapy sessions (for example music therapy or day centre sessions);
• arranging and accompanying to appointments;
• bringing our experience of working with dementia and of coming to know our client to team meetings, such as those hold with Consultants and memory nurses.


Getting to know us

Hi, I'm Isioma.
My specialism is caring for people with dementia and other mental health issues.

After working with a client for some time and hearing from their family and loved ones that they appreciate what we do and how big of an impact we have on their life, that really hits me. My idea of happiness is kindness towards others.

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