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We are local

We think of ourselves as part of the community – as much good neighbours as good carers. Our office is in Fulham, we live in the borough and our children go to school here. And the same goes for our staff, which means no late arrivals because of transport problems.

Kingsmith Care see what we do as a privilege. Nothing is more important than allowing people to live with dignity. When it comes to taking care of people, size matters. We don’t have ambitions to grow or expand, and we don’t think care should be a numbers game. Our only ambition is to provide the best possible home care.

“I wish I had known about you a long time ago”

Most of our carers have been with us for years. We pay our staff above the London Living Wage, because if you value your clients you also need to value your staff.

Our small, family run model gives us a level of empathy and control that is no longer seen in the care sector. We know our clients and they know us. We are dedicated to their quality of life, and keeping them living in their own homes for as long as they choose.

We don’t promise miracles, but we aim to give the best care money can buy.


Getting to know us

Hi, I’m Loreta.
The part of my job I most like is seeing the happy face of my client at the end of my visit. I feel great when my client says to me 'what would I do without you Loreta?’

When my client is safe, independent and happy at home, it makes me feel worthwhile at work

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Our ethos, that 'every action matters', means that we consider everything we do. Whether it's what our carers do when they come into your home, or how we communicate with you around scheduling visits, or paying your invoices. Every interaction is thought about, because it matters to us.

Emotional wellbeing

Understanding people’s emotional welfare is as important as physical care. Our director, Lee, is a Psychoanalyst. His approach and insight allows us to help both the emotional and practical needs of our clients. We take the time to get to know people and discover what makes them tick.

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