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Jobs for carers in Hammersmith and Fulham


Carer job vacancies in Hammersmith and Fulham

Are you looking for a social care role that allows you to enrich and change the lives of people in your local community, working with a company that supports and nurtures you? Whether you’re ready to take the next step, or you’re new to the sector, we’ll give you support and development that equips you to make a real difference to those in your care.

A little about Kingsmith Care

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we are a small, family-run company. Unlike other care agencies, we’re not interested in expansion, we’d rather focus on our clients’ quality of life, and on attracting and retaining carers who share our ethos. We believe it’s the best way to build meaningful, personal relationships with clients and to provide them with consistency and familiarity.

"Since starting with Kingsmith care I have been totally blown away with how amazing you all are. You have really changed my life and have given me my quality of life back. I can’t thank you enough. I hated my care job before and wanted to leave it all together, but because of you I now love my job and life."

If you value your clients, you need to value your staff

The respect and support we give to our clients also applies to our staff. And not just because happier staff mean a better service, but because they deserve it.

We are there for clients and their families through difficult life transitions such as bereavement, stress, depression, and physical illness. Our staff are expected to carry out every task, however simple, with care and thought. It’s rewarding work but it has an emotional impact on our carers too.


Our ongoing support and supervision recognises the personal and professional demands of this work. A rigorous recruitment process, along with regular training and mentoring sessions, ensures we maintain the highest possible standards. The management team regularly go out on visits, allowing us to build relationships with our clients. Importantly, it means our staff know we understand the work and that we would never ask them to do something we wouldn't do ourselves.

And we also pay above the London Living Wage. This nurturing and supportive environment, in which people feel genuinely valued, is why most of our team have stayed with us for many years.


Lottie, Care Assistant

"I absolutely love my job, seeing the smiling faces and feeling the universal gratitude for small things that make such a difference to my client's lives makes everyday a unique and special one! This job can be challenging however the rewards outweigh the challenges by miles and hearing a client say to you that you have made a difference and they are lucky to have you - it makes it the best job in the world!
The world would be a better place if we could all learn that by kindness, compassion, respect, dignity, and a little bit of our time we can make anyone feel valued and special."

Will you join us?

While experience and the right skills are always welcome, we recruit carers as much for their personal qualities and attitude. We’re currently looking for motivated, compassionate, patient, local people with excellent communication skills, to join our fantastic team covering the Hammersmith and Fulham in the following roles:

• Live-in carers
We are looking for exceptional people to working on a rotation basis, living in a client’s home

• Full time care assistants, 35+ hours per week
Working at least one weekend every two weeks

• Evening care assistants, 20+ hours per week
Working from 4pm - 9.15pm five evening a week, at least one of these evenings on a weekend

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Kingsmith Care

Bishop Creighton House
374 – 380 Lillie Road
London SW6 7PH

20 7871 9450


Lisa, Care Assistant

"The things I love about my job are meeting amazing people and being able to help them, with even the smallest of things sometimes, and yet they are so grateful. I also love the fact that I can make them feel comfortable, safe and dignified.

I think what would be amazing to make this world a better place is to educate people that everyone is different and just because they may look or act different, doesn't mean that they are a bad person"