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Our carers are recruited as much for their personal qualities as their experience. We look for people who are patient, caring and conscientious. Of course, they also have to be able to communicate well. Putting relationships at the heart of what we do means valuing and rewarding our carers. Because respecting our carers means they value and respect our clients. It’s why unlike most other agencies, we pay the London Living Wage.

And unlike most other agencies who just have a basic induction for staff, we have regular training and mentoring sessions to ensure we keep the highest possible standards. Our ongoing support and supervision, recognises the personal and professional demands of this work. Our staff are expected to carry out every task, however simple, with care and thought. Our rigorous recruitment and training procedures make this possible.

Meet the management team


Emma King

Registered Manager

My aim is to help people – both through my own actions and through that of our carers – to have a good life, and death. I believe that a good death is possible and I have found enormous meaning in the ‘end of life’ care which we have been involved in.

My specialism is responding in a crisis. Understanding what the people need and responding with thought and care. I love making a difference to people and their families during challenging phases of their lives.

I most enjoy hearing about clients lives and their hopes for the future. My most memorable moment so far was transforming a clients living room into a bedroom so she could look over her allotment at the end of her life.


Lee Smith


Husband to Emma and father to her children. When I’m not helping to keep Kingsmith Care going, I’m trying to keep up with our son and daughter, who seem to have more and more energy, as I have less and less.

I am a Psychoanalyst and have a private practice away from Kingsmith Care. I am responsible for the finances and payroll, but also like Emma, I carry out the care visits.

Doing the work ourselves means getting to know our clients, and our clients getting to know us. It also means that our staff know we understand what the work is like, that we would never ask them to do something we wouldn't do ourselves.


Kirsten Brown

Compliance Officer

My role as Compliance Officer is to ensure all policies and procedures are up to date and adhered to, arranging training for our carers, and giving all round support to the management team. I help the service be the best it can be.

My specialism is supporting the team that do all the great hands on work - they are all amazing. I love being part of an organisation that helps those not so able to help themselves.

If I ruled the world I’d provide homes and support for the homeless and share the world's resources more fairly.


Claire Blackburn

Care Manager

My passion is making a positive difference to people’s lives. Initially I trained as a psychiatric nurse, specialising in acute psychiatry and care of the elderly. Throughout my career my central theme has always been that the client’s quality of life is key.

My focus is improving clients quality of life in a simple and measurable way. Ultimately this proven method of working brings great improvements in clients’ wellbeing and that is the key to my working philosophy.

I love having a versatile role. No two clients are the same, and I’m continiously learning about clients lives.

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